Student-Produced ‘East Asian Fashion Show’ Highlights East Asian Cultural Dress

The student-produced and modeled "East Asian Fashion Show" explored the traditional cultural apparel of several East Asian countries.

Students in the East Asia course produced an “East Asian Fashion Show” on Nov. 30 in Downs Hall to showcase the designs and styles prevalent in China, Japan and other East Asian countries.

The course, taught by Michael Suetta, adjunct professor of history, explores the traditions and historical development of East Asia in contrast with modern culture in the area. The fashion show helps students visualize the cultural dress, from the traditional Japanese kimono to more modern dress.

The fashion show was student run, produced by Angelo Velucci, a Fashion Industries Managements student, with the help of Kathleen Gasper, Catherine O’Brien and eight student runway models. The students modeled garments from each area of Asia, including the Japanese kimono and yukata, Cambodia’s sampot, Vietnamese ao dai and Korean hanbok. Each of the garments was modeled as those in East Asia would wear them, with hair, makeup and accessories matching the look and cultural customs. Employees of Saturn Club donated hair and makeup supplies and volunteered to help with the show.

One of the student models, Jinyu Shi, sung a traditional Chinese ballad during the fashion show, and there was also a presentation on the kimono and its role in Japanese culture.

“This was a great way to wrap up the fall semester,” Velucci said. “Professor Suetta made the class feel like we were actually a part of the culture.”

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