‘IDP Film Fest’ Showcases Top Freshmen Work in the College of Design, Engineering and Commerce

Gathering in The Kanbar Campus Center Performance Space with popcorn and drinks, freshmen in the Integrative Design Process (IDP) course enjoyed the best student-produced videos from the semester-long design audit project.

Students in teams of four or five worked throughout the semester to observe and analyze locations in the East Falls section of Philadelphia to suggest improvements. The project, which taught students in IDP how to turn problems into opportunities, allowed students to use the skills they learned in the course to suggest helpful changes to the Falls of Schuylkill Library, the Wissahickon Transfer Center and other nearby locations.

The student videos combined humor and intelligent analysis of their project areas, suggesting interesting solutions to problems related to trash and litter, inadequate seating at the bus station, difficult to read maps, lack of space at the library, abandoned lots and lack of park maintenance. Each group presented a different solution to the problems they saw while working on the projects.

“We were really happy our video was picked for the ‘Film Fest,’” said Malia Warne-Rowe, whose group “Earthquake Team 3” designed alternative, space saving bookshelves to help the overcrowded Falls of Schuylkill Library. Through the team’s design, the library would be able to add 30 feet of shelve space to its current total while also allowing for more open floor space to alleviate crowding during busy library hours. The video showed interviews with library patrons and librarians, who were very supportive of the team’s ideas.

Ron Kander, Ph.D., executive dean of the College of Design, Engineering and Commerce (DEC), led rounds of improv comedy in between the screening of the 11 videos. The event was the last complete gathering of students in IDP, the first core course in the new DEC curriculum.

See three of the student videos shown in the “IDP Film Fest” below:

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