Top Student Designs Recognized at Annual Senior Design Show

The annuals senior design show featured the most creative and innovative student works from the past year.

Senior design students showcased their creative and innovative work at the 2012 Senior Design Show, and the top designs received the annual Maurice Kanbar Excellence in Design and the Employer’s Choice awards at a Mary 11 reception.

This year’s senior design show, on display May 7 to 13 in The Gallagher Athletic Center, drew the largest crowd to date.  Visitors included industry partners, employers, officials from other universities and local school groups, as well as PhilaU faculty, staff, students, parents and alumni.

The student designs across a range of disciplines included  innovative textile products,  green building designs, educational tools, graphic design posters, marketing materials, fashion designs, kitchenware, a children’s playhouse, interactive solar panels and an unbreakable bike lock, to name a few of the many items on display.

Graphic design communication professors Maribeth Kradel-Weitzel and Frank Baseman congratulated Natalie Vespe '12 (center) on her Kanbar Award for Graphic Design Excellence.

Kanbar Award winners received a monetary prize for their achievements. The winners of the Kanbar Award for Excellence in Graphic Design Communications are:

  • Natalie Vespe – Gold Award ($2,000)
  • Toni Marie Antonucci – Silver Award ($1,000)
  • Christina Lanzisero – Bronze Award ($750)
  • Jonathan Avery – Honorable Mention ($250)
  • Samantha Mola – Honorable Mention ($250)

The winners of the Kanbar Award for Design Excellence are:

  • Michelle Hodulik – Gold Award ($2,000)
  • Faye Rice and Brian Widin – Silver Award ($1,500)
  • Carolyn Hannan – Bronze Award ($1,000)

Michelle Hodulik '12 (right) won the top Kanbar Award for Design Excellence for her backpack redesign.

The Employer’s Choice Awards honor outstanding student designs in each discipline. The winners are:

  • Allison Matthews – Animation
  • Brittany Chapman – Architecture
  • Caitlin Quirk – Fashion Design
  • Toni Marie Antonucci – Graphic Design
  • Carolyn Hannan – Industrial Design
  • Laura Beaver – Interior Design
  • Charles F. Grugan – Interactive Design and Media
  • Thomas Mahone – Landscape Architecture
  • Leah D’Ambrosio – Textile Design

The Senior Design Show included student work from all design disciplines: architecture, digital animation, digital design, graphic design communication, industrial design, interior design, fashion design, textile design, landscape architecture, and  master’s programs in digital design and sustainable design.

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