We’ve Got an App For That: PhilaU Mobile App Now Available

Get the App!Good news for smart phone users: PhilaU.edu is now available as a mobile app.

PhilaU Today news, calendar events, athletics scores and schedules, courses, maps, photos, video and more are now available for iPhone and Android users.

“The new mobile app provides easy access to everyday information,” said Christopher Davis, director of web communications at PhilaU. “Visitors to campus, students, faculty, staff and alumni should find the mobile app extremely useful.”

Special features, available to iPhone users only, include an “augmented reality” mode when using the map feature. Utilizing both the iPhone’s GPS and compass, the app can identify locations on campus by pointing the phone in the direction of any on-campus buildings. The mode, which can be accessed by clicking the symbol next to “Current Location” in the map section of the app, can help the user find buildings on campus and determine how long it will take to walk to them, among other features.

“It’s a unique way to be literally and figuratively connected to campus from anywhere,” said Davis.

Powered by Blackboard Mobile Campus, “PhilaU Mobile” will continue to be developed with enhanced features for iPhone, Android and, later this fall, Blackberry. Links to third-party services like WebAdvisor, Microsoft Outlook WebMail, Common Thread Express and QuickPAY are not currently included as these browser-based services are not yet available as mobile apps and/or mobile sites; the best methods for inclusion of links to these and other web services are being considered for the next version of the app (please note that any new features in subsequent versions of the app would be rolled out automatically to all who download the app now).

Version 1.0 is available by visiting http://m.PhilaU.edu or searching on “PhilaU Mobile” in either the App Store or Google Play.

iPhone users can use “augmented reality” when viewing the map to see building names and information as well as distance from a location.

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