PhilaU Thon Dances All Night Long for Charity

Brittany Buckmire (left) and Molly Pak (right) hope to raise $10,000 for the families of sick children through the PhilaU Thon dance marathon.

So you think you can dance for charity? On Nov. 9, PhilaU Thon will host a 12-hour dance marathon to raise money for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Children’s Miracle Network. The dance will be held at Ravenhill Chapel.

Be ready to shake it all night long, because the dance kicks off at 8 p.m. and doesn’t stop ‘til the sun comes up! Activities throughout the night will include a miracle family parade, giant Twister, lyric competitions, ’90s throwback hours and more.

With help from students, clubs and organizations, PhilaU Thon hopes to raise $10,000 to provide life-saving medical treatment and healing to families who cannot afford such care. “We want PhilaU to have one night where we can all unite under one cause,” said PhilaU student Brittany Buckmire, founder and director of PhilaU Thon. “We hope everyone will have an amazing time while also raising money to save children’s lives.”

The night will include competitions, games and, of course, dancing. The 12-hour soirée will also give students an opportunity to meet those who have been helped by their contributions. The Miracle Parade — one of the ceremonies that will take place during the event — will celebrate two families helped by the Children’s Miracle Network and their journeys to get well again.

With PhilaU Thon, Philadelphia University is joining a movement of dance marathons sweeping the nation. The Children’s Miracle Network is receiving an extraordinary amount of support from campuses nationwide that have hosted dance marathons.  “We truly hope to see PhilaU Thon become a tradition at our University so we can continue to help those in need and have a great time while doing it,” said Molly Pak, student body president and PhilaU Thon dance recruitment operator.

The money raised at Thon will benefit the Children’s Miracle Network, an organization that raises money for children’s hospitals around the country, and Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania. Clubs and organizations are encouraged to help by hosting competitions and activities throughout the evening. Students can get involved by registering at

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