Students Say ‘I Do’ to Raise Awareness of Same-Sex Marriage

“And by the power I don’t really have, you are not technically married.”

So said Jack Klett, associate dean of graduate students, as he presided over a mock wedding ceremony held in the Kanbar Campus Center Living Room on Thursday, Oct. 25.

The not-quite wedding was held to raise awareness about same-sex marriage and inequalities faced by gay couples who wish to marry.  Although a few states, such as New York, do legally recognize same-sex marriage, most do not.  Pennsylvania, for instance, does not recognize same-sex marriage, civil unions or domestic partnerships. “We’re basically second-class citizens,” said Megan Staley ’13, president of PhilaU’s Gay-Straight Alliance.

Klett, who does legally officiate at weddings, said he hoped the mock wedding will reinforce the premise that marriage should be based on love, rather than gender.  Omosi Anabui ’15, one of the students participating in the mock wedding, said the ceremony was an important step to help the campus community recognize the flaws in current marriage laws.

“We all have rights, but some of us don’t have the right to marry who we love,” Anabui said.

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