PhilaU Interior Designer Students Receive KlingStubbins Awards

Shannon Rafferty ’14 and five of her classmates won the top six awards at the annual KlingStubbins competition.

Philadelphia University interior design students continued their run of excellence in the annual KlingStubbins design competition, with six students winning the top six awards in this year’s contest.

Sarah Schaub ’13 and Sarah Sarah Sapowycz ’13 were named award-winners for the second straight year, joined by Julie Riley ’13, Tia Ryan ’13, Shannon Rafferty ’14 and Colleen Barry ’14. The students received their awards at a Nov. 8 ceremony, earning the following honors.

First Place ($4,000) – Julie Riley ’13
Second Place ($3,000) – Shannon Rafferty ’14
Third Place ($2,000) – Sarah Sapowycz ’13
Fourth Place ($1,000) – Sarah Schaub ’13
Honorable Mention($500) – Tia Ryan ’13
Honorable Mention ($500) – Colleen Barry ’14

“We are very proud of our students’ talents and hard work,” said Lauren Baumbach, director of PhilaU’s interior design program. “A partner from one of the major international design firms told me, ‘When a student or two wins from a particular program you figure it is partly based on the inherent talents of that student, but when a program wins 6 of 8 awards then you know it is a testament to the excellence of the program’. We are thrilled to have had such a success.”

PhilaU students have a history of finishing well in the KlingStubbins contest. Last year, the students also took home more awards than students from any other school.

The competition was held Oct. 27 at the KlingStubbins offices in Philadelphia. KlingStubbins is an internationally recognized design firm with expertise in architecture, engineering, interior design, planning and landscape architecture. Each year, the firm hosts a one-day design charette competition for Philadelphia area schools.

For this year’s contest, students were asked to design an addition to a college student center. “The program included a café for snacks and coffee with multiple seating types, a school gift shop, an information center where students can learn about events, and a concentration zone where students can quietly focus and study,” said Schaub. “The center also had to have a multi-purpose lounge that can be used for presentations, movie nights and other events.”

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