PhilaU’s New Innovation MBA Gives Students a Competitive Edge in Business

Innovation MBA students will learn in one of the area’s most exciting learning environments, PhilaU’s new, sustainably-built 38,500 square-foot DEC Center.

While innovation is a constant in today’s business world, many MBA programs still follow 20th-century models.  Philadelphia University, however, puts innovative thinking at the core of its new Innovation MBA program, which allows students to earn their degree in just 12 months.

The iMBA features an integrated curriculum that helps students become dynamic problem-solvers and entrepreneurial thinkers, learning to navigate new, more valuable realities for their businesses and careers. With its unique curriculum, the iMBA gives students the opportunity to earn the kind of MBA heralded by The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company and Wired Magazine as the degree innovative companies are looking for.

“The iMBA program was designed for those who want to kickstart their career with the type of education and experiences needed to lead in the 21st century work world,” said Sue Lehrman, dean of the School of Business Administration. “With its unique curriculum and focus on creative problem solving, the iMBA experience is unlike any other. It gives students a skillset that will serve them in many ways throughout their careers.”

The program is open to students with varying backgrounds, from recent graduates to mid-level professionals. It is designed as a flexible program that allows students to study either full-time or part-time during late afternoons and evenings. Classes are administered through Philadelphia University’s collaborative Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce in the new LEED Gold-certified DEC Center.

Built into the program are core components that give iMBA students an edge, including top internships to deepen the learning experience and professional networking opportunities throughout the program. Students learn to identify problems and seek out opportunities. The curriculum teaches students to think beyond the boundaries of existing disciplines, working both independently and collaboratively to create valuable, feasible and marketable ideas, systems, products and services.

With a faculty of industry experts bringing real-world experience to the classroom, the iMBA utilizes PhilaU’s signature approach to teaching and learning, Nexus Learning, which is active, collaborative, real-world and infused with the liberal arts. It’s an approach that inspires market-driven innovation through teamwork, collaboration and industry connections.

Students also will have the opportunity to gain valuable international business experience through faculty-led short courses in China, India and Europe. These experiences will allow students to immerse themselves in a foreign culture and gain the sophistication that innovative industries and firms demand. PhilaU iMBA graduates are exceptionally well-prepared to be leaders in the exciting, challenging global marketplace.

“Innovation MBA students become masters of business solutions in a globalized world,” said D.K. Malhotra, professor of finance. “Our collaborative curriculum challenges students to approach business problems by thinking in uniquely different ways, using both business and design thinking to develop unique solutions.”

The iMBA has five specialty tracks, including Marketing, Management, Accounting/Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Finance/Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and General Business. The CPA and CFA tracks include expert external preparation for certification exams. Each track builds on the iMBA’s core innovation-focused courses such as Business Models Development, Competitive Technical Intelligence, Managing Innovative People and Teams, Qualitative and Quantitative Marketing Research, Operations from a Systems Perspective, Global Product Development, International Business Innovation Trip and a Career Jumpstart Internship.

More information about the iMBA can be found on the Innovation MBA web page.

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