PhilaU Launches new M.S. in Global Fashion Enterprise

Philadelphia University is launching a new M.S. in Global Fashion Enterprise, a program that examines new fashion designs, ideas and technologies to create practical business models and market-driven innovation through Philadelphia University’s signature Nexus Learning model.

The M.S. in Global Fashion Enterprise offers students valuable connections and real-world experience in the ever-changing fashion industry, providing a competitive edge and expanding the career horizons of forward-thinking professionals.

“While they may have varied backgrounds in fashion design, merchandising, management and other industries, students benefit from the program’s unique focus on global fashion development and appreciation of apparel ecosystems throughout the industry,” said Tom Fung, director of the program.

The program goes beyond the classroom to emphasize the importance of experiential learning by offering students the opportunity to travel overseas to destinations such as Mainland China and Hong Kong to observe, work with and learn from professionals in the field and various organizations within the fashion industry. Graduates of the program will possess the skills, knowledge and networks to successfully manage an international fashion enterprise while being able to bring value-added innovation to the fashion industry.

Students are able to tailor their academic experience to match their distinctive career ambitions, culminating in a three-course, nine-credit Global Fashion capstone project. In these courses, students from disparate backgrounds will work in teams to find and document new product or system opportunities, design and prototype functional products or systems answering the requirements of their research findings, and then virtually or in reality take the product or system through each step of the value chain with a particular focus on production.

External sponsored projects will be sought and made available to teams of students as appropriate to their skills and interests.  By working directly with successful fashion and apparel companies, students gain invaluable networking connections that may manifest into exciting internship and career opportunities.

Through the project experience sequence, students are able to build on their undergraduate coursework or prior work experience, while linking their background experiences with the fashion production-oriented Global Fashion Enterprise core curriculum.

The M.S. in Global Fashion Enterprise is part of the innovative Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce and is based on Philadelphia University’s trademark Nexus Learning approach: active, collaborative, based on real real-world challenges and infused with the liberal arts.  For more information on the program, go to

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