Timothy Wikander BSID ’11 Honored in Core77 2013 Design Awards

Industrial design alumnus Timothy Wikander ’11 won a Notables Award in the Core77 2013 Design Awards for his Amplifier Dock design.

Tim describes his Amplifier Dock on the Instructables website as “a passive amplifier and docking solution for iPhone and iPod touch that utilizes the shape and material of an ordinary ceramic bowl.” His innovative project is designed for disassembly, and all the materials used in the design are reusable or biodegradable.

The jury said of his design, “We love that you could toss it in your bag and amplify music anywhere using whatever bowl you have access to. We like the idea of creative reapplication of everyday objects.”

The Amplifier Dock is Tim’s first project for Instructables, where he was hired as the 2013 Artist in Residence. Tim’s profile and his other designs, such as the Tres Lamp and the Corkedo, can be found on his Instructables Members page.

Learn how to make your own Amplifier Dock with everyday objects on Instructables, where the project has been viewed more than 33,000 times in only three months.

As he continues to establish his reputation in the burgeoning DIY Design culture, Tim is also starting his own line of simple, elegant products.

See the Amplifier Dock and other award-winning designs honored on the C77 Design Awards broadcast. Read more about Tim’s inspiration and creative problem-solving process on Coroflot.

Core77 Design Awards, hosted by industrial design publication Core77, “celebrates the richness of the design profession and the brilliance of its practitioners.” Philadelphia University also received a Core77 Award for its innovative DEC curriculum in 2012.

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