PhilaU Students Complete Maine-to-Florida Bike Trip to Raise Funds for MS Research

Bikers Mike Otterbein, Cameron Swengel, Kayla Jacoby, Alex Klohr and Stephen Rosenberger end their 2,637 mile road trip in Key West, Florida on June 22.

Philadelphia University students who biked from Maine to Florida braved pounding rains and searing heat  and ultimately raised more than $29,000 to support multiple sclerosis research.

“The journey was a challenge but also a privilege to complete it with such a great team for a great cause,” said Alex Klohr, who coordinated the trip with fellow student Cameron Swengel.  “We raised over $28,000 for the National MS Society and have spread awareness along the way.  We’ve built relationships with complete strangers and have had experiences that we will talk about for the rest of our lives.”

The 2,600-plus-mile journey started in Bar Harbour, Maine on May 20 and ended in Key West on June 22.  Other PhilaU students on the ride included Max Yousey, Chris Jones, George Renzulli and Michael Otterbein, as well as Kayla Jacoby and Stephen Rosenberger.

At the beginning of the trip, the group faced about eight or nine straight days of rain and cold weather through New England.  As they headed south, the weather became warmer and the roads flatter, enabling them to cover more ground each day.  They completed four days of riding more than 100 miles—their longest one-day ride was 111 miles.

“It was exciting to see the sun rise in Maine and set in Florida,” Klohr said.  “And it felt great to finish.”

For more information and to donate, go to  Read more about the trip in WHYY Newsworks.

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