President Spinelli on the value of a higher education: The Philadelphia Inquirer

President Spinelli underscored the value of a higher education in helping students achieve upward mobility through an enhanced career path in a commentary he wrote in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer.

In light of President Obama’s proposals last week to try to curb college costs, in part by linking institutional efforts to do so to the availability of federal financial aid, Spinelli said colleges have a responsibility to manage their budgets well and to develop innovative programs that enable graduates to get professional jobs in the 21st- century work place.

At the same time, students and families should avail themselves of all information available—including cost, graduation rates and job-placement rates– to make good choices about investing in their educations, Spinelli said in the commentary.

Rather than a ratings system that paints at best a limited view of what schools offer, Spinelli said each college and university is responsible for ensuring its value proposition—what it offers to students and the return on investment of that education—is worth the cost.

To read the commentary, go here.

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