PhilaU Alumni Showcase Up-Stream Laundry System in G-Shock Video

PhilaU industrial design alumni Eliot Coven and Aaron Stathum continue to capture attention with their simple but purposeful design for a developing world laundry system, which has traveled from a PhilaU design studio to last spring’s Clinton Global Initiative conference to, now, a video sponsored by G-Shock and Respect magazine.

“Necessity may be the mother of invention, but for industrial designers Aaron Stathum and Eliot Coven, design, functionality and ease of use are very close cousins,” Respect writes.  “Stathum, a fashion-forward avant-gardist, collaborated with fellow Philadelphia University alum Coven, an engineering-minded innovator, to create a low-cost, foot-powered washing machine that is deceptively simplistic in its real-world application for people in third-world countries who have to wash their clothes in a river.”

Coven and Stathum designed the simple bucket system using inexpensive and easily available materials as PhilaU seniors in 2012. “It started as a senior design thesis, we wanted to do something that would help somebody out in their daily life,” Stathum said in the video.

“It’s a very low-cost, high efficiency item,” Coven added.  “We’re hoping it brings people to a better level.”

Last spring, the PhilaU alums were asked to present their laundry system at the prestigious Clinton Global Initiative conference, sponsored by The Clinton Foundation, the foundation established by former President Bill Clinton.

You can read more about Eliot Coven, Aaron Stathum and their Up-Stream laundry system in the upcoming issue of Innovator, PhilaU’s alumni magazine.

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