PhilaU Establishes First ACE Mentor Program Collegiate Chapter

Philadelphia University recently established the nation’s first collegiate chapter for graduates of the ACE Mentor Program (ACE), a national after-school program designed to attract high school students into architecture, engineering and construction careers.

Nineteen ACE graduates who study architecture, engineering, construction management and related majors at Philadelphia University are the founding members of this first ACE collegiate chapter.

“Engaging in the new ACE Mentor Collegiate Chapter at PhilaU offers former ACE students the opportunity to give back and become mentors themselves,” said Barbara Klinkhammer, executive dean of the College of Architecture and the Built Environment.  “As a board member of the ACE Philadelphia affiliate, I am particularly proud to see the first collegiate chapter established at Philadelphia University.”

A bridge and community center design proposal by Jesse Smith, fifth-year architecture student and president of PhilaU’s ACE chapter.

To mark the establishment of the new campus group, the board of directors of the ACE Mentor Program of Eastern Pennsylvania will attend the chapter’s next meeting on Oct. 21 at 6 p.m. in the Kanbar Campus Center Performance Space to meet with students.

The mission of ACE, which stands for architecture, construction and engineering, is to attract high school students into careers in these industries. Each year 2,200 practicing architects, engineers, construction managers and other industry professionals mentor approximately 8,000 students in a 40-hour program.

Commenting on the importance of the Philadelphia University ACE collegiate chapter, ACE Executive Director John Strock said: “In addition to PhilaU, several other universities across the country attract significant numbers of ACE graduates. We hope these universities will follow PhilaU’s lead.”

PhilaU’s new group has several functions. Members will help recruit students from their high schools to attend the University’s architecture and engineering programs. They also will mentor incoming first-year University students who are ACE graduates.

Philadelphia University’s new ACE chapter is an important networking and mentoring resource for students in architecture, construction and engineering fields, said Jesse Smith, fifth-year architecture student and president of PhilaU’s ACE chapter. “The goals of ACE are to connect our members with practicing professionals, other college students with similar interests and high school students interested in pursuing an ACE-related career.”

Senior students in the PhilaU ACE chapter will be invited to mentor in ACE’s Philadelphia chapter. Working alongside professional mentors will enable University students to expand their job-hunting networks.

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