Join SDMBA Students for Global Service Jam Innovation Weekend

Philadelphia University’s Strategic Design MBA program and the Independence Blue Cross Center for Health Care Innovation will co-sponsor Global Service Jam, a weekend-long event in which people around the world simultaneously ideate on an assigned topic. To participate, register here.

The event, which begins Friday, Feb. 27, at 5:30 p.m. and concludes Sunday, March 1 at 3 p.m., is designed to foster collaborative innovation in a field such as transportation, education or health care.

“The Service Jam will expose people to the design-thinking process,” said Natalie Nixon, Strategic Design MBA program director, adding that the challenge will bring people together to solve a global problem who ordinarily would not have met.

This is the first time Global Service Jam is taking place in Philadelphia. The event will take place in the Independence Blue Cross Center for Health Care Innovation, 1700 Market Street, 7th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19103.

Participants will be given a one-word prompt at the start of the Service Jam—for instance, one year’s prompt was “grow”—and will then spend the weekend working on innovations and prototyping solutions based on that word. All solutions from across the globe will be posted online Sunday.

The event is open to all. Tickets are $10 and include pizza, snacks and workspace for the weekend. If you would like to participate, register here.

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