The PhilaU Entrepreneurs: Morgan Berman Designs My MilkCrate App for Sustainable Living

Let’s say you wanted to live more sustainably, but could use some help finding local businesses and services that supported your values. That’s exactly what Morgan Berman ’14 was thinking when she came up with My MilkCrate, a mobile app designed to help users quickly locate sustainable businesses, as her master’s thesis for her M.S. in Sustainable Design.

Morgan Berman created MilkCrate for her master's thesis in sustainable design.

Morgan Berman created MilkCrate for her master’s thesis in sustainable design.

In less than two years, Berman has grown her innovative idea into a local business with six full-time and three part-time paid staff. My MilkCrate, which allows users to access companies’ sustainability ratings, is available for download on Apple and Android mobile devices.

When her business was in its early stages, Berman relied on Blackstone LaunchPad resources, such as coaching sessions with director Zoe McKinley to prepare for funding pitches. Berman was one of just five entrepreneurs nationwide selected to vie for start-up funding at the influential Forbes Under 30 Summit in Philadelphia last October. Read more.

“Zoe was a wonderful early adviser to me, helping me question our revenue streams, our value proposition and the way I presented to investors,” Berman said. “She also introduced me early on to someone who became one of our first investors.”

Morgan Berman, center, with her staff.

Morgan Berman, center, with her staff.

My MilkCrate is in the process of expanding. It had a soft launch at the end of April in Denver, where My MilkCrate so far has about 100 listings. The company is actively growing databases in Boston, Washington, D.C., and Asheville, N.C.

My MilkCrate has been featured in Bloomberg News, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philly, the Philadelphia Daily News and on NBC10.

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MilkCrate allows users to access companies’ sustainability ratings.

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