The PhilaU Entrepreneurs: Galen Kane Designs a Better Water-Filtering Bottle

Galen Kane researches bryophytes in Costa Rica.

Galen Kane researches bryophytes in Costa Rica.

During a family kayaking trip, industrial design student Galen Kane got the inspiration for an entrepreneurial opportunity: the need for a better product to refill their water supply.

Bryo System

Galen Kane is pursuing a patent for his Bryo System.

“My uncle had a ceramic filter, and we quickly realized how inconvenient it was to operate,” he recalled. With that in mind, the 2015 graduate designed the Bryo System water collection and filtration bottle for his senior capstone project.

With support from the Eileen Martinson ’86 Fund for the Undergraduate Capstone Experience, Kane studied how natural ecosystems filter water on a 10-day trip to Costa Rica. On the research trip, Kane was struck by the way various bryophytes, or mosses, were able to pull water through their leaves. He incorporated this concept into his water bottle design by developing a microfiber cloth that quickly filters groundwater siphoned up into the bottle’s reservoir.

Kane’s unique design was featured at the Celebration of Innovation student innovation exhibition and PhilaU Showcase of senior design projects, where Kane was one of five students selected to further develop his product with private coaching sessions from the University’s Blackstone LaunchPad. “My ultimate goal is to bring the idea to market,” Kane said. He’s currently pursuing a patent with the help of a patent attorney he was introduced to through the LaunchPad.

Learn more about the Bryo System on Kane’s website.

early prototyping

The Bryo System in an early prototyping stage.

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Galen Kane in Costa Rica

Galen Kane’s research trip to Costa Rica was funded by the Eileen Martinson ’86 Fund for the Undergraduate Capstone Experience.

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