Former Student Pitches Organic Coffee Drink on ‘Shark Tank’

Jordan DeCicco, center, started Sunniva Super Coffee in his PhilaU dorm room.

Jordan DeCicco, center, started Sunniva Super Coffee in his PhilaU dorm room.

While former student-athlete Jordan DeCicco didn’t secure a deal Sunday night on “Shark Tank,” the appearance on the hit ABC show gave his company Sunniva Super Coffee national exposure and valuable insight into how to improve the product.

DeCicco developed the organic, low-sugar coffee drink in his dorm room to help him power through early morning basketball practices.

He appeared on “Shark Tank” with his two brothers, Jake and Jim, sharing their company’s history and rapid growth. Sunniva is now available in stores like Whole Foods, Target, Wegmans and Wawa.

“The experience was phenomenal, and we were honored to be on the show,” DeCicco said. “We have already implemented several changes and improvements to our products based on their feedback, including going 100 percent sugar-free to further differentiate ourselves and improving our taste profile.”

The sharks didn’t bite on the pitch of $500,000 for a 4.5 percent stake in the company, but they were complimentary to the trio. Barbara Corcoran loved their discipline and energy, while Lori Greiner applauded their hustle and the idea behind the Sunniva. Rohan Oza, who helped build the powerhouse brands Vitaminwater and Smartwater, agreed, saying the DeCiccos have recognized the market shift toward high-protein, high-good-fat and low-sugar beverages.

Watch the ABC segment here, and read Jefferson Today’s previous coverage on Sunniva here.

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