Celebrate STEM and Get Nerdy at the Philadelphia Science Festival

Robert Bartosz, director of finance and business planning at Jefferson College of Biomedical Sciences, previews the Teddy Bear Clinics at this year’s Philadelphia Science Festival.

Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University) continues its sponsorship of the Philadelphia Science Festival, a citywide celebration of the region’s strength and expertise in STEM–Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Join Jefferson students, faculty and staff from April 20-28 and help engage the Philadelphia community in fun, hands-on activities demonstrating the importance of science in our everyday lives and to specifically showcase the talents and expertise of the University.

The Science Festival features events like Be an Engineer, the Material Science of Hemp, Can You Make Beer Like a Scientist and concludes with the signature Science Carnival on the Parkway on Saturday, April 28. Here, Jefferson teams will present a wide variety of activities, such as Geometry and Architecture–How Are Kinetic Structures Designed, Can You Hear the Sound of Silence, What Has More Germs Than a Toilet Seat, From Cells to Elephants–What’s Cancer Got to Do With It and more.

See the full list of Jefferson Science Festival events here.

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