Adjunct Professor’s Art on Display on the Barnes

Rashidah Salam’s “Kain” was inspired by Édouard Manet’s “Laundry.”

Rashidah Salam’s “Kain” was inspired by Édouard Manet’s “Laundry.”

A painting by Rashidah Salam, an adjunct professor in the Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce, is part of the exhibition “Let’s Connect: Philly’s Artists Take on the Barnes.”

The Barnes challenged the city’s artists to create a work of their own in response to a single piece of art in the Barnes collection. Salam’s “Kain,” inspired by Édouard Manet’s “Laundry,” will be on display until June 4.

The Interfaith Center and Mural Arts Program of Philadelphia also selected Salam to paint a mural in Old City. To be completed in August, the art project “Dare to Understand” will provide opportunities for conversations among people of diverse faiths and cultures, including those who have been most impacted by acts of hate.

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