Arlen Specter Center for Public Service to Issue Two $5,000 Research Fellowships

Travis Douglas, doctor of management in strategic leadership student at Jefferson, received a 2018 fellowship.

Travis Douglas, doctor of management in strategic leadership student at Jefferson, received a 2018 fellowship.

The University will award two $5,000 competitive fellowships for the purpose of aiding a scholar in the pursuit of study and research in an area supported by the Arlen Specter Center for Public Service.

Topics could include Supreme Court nominee confirmations, LGBTQ rights, Middle East diplomacy, Cuban-American relations, scientific/medical research funding, criminal justice/hate crimes, the Clinton impeachment and Philadelphia regional developments and initiatives. Graduate students or post-graduate scholars in relevant areas, such as political science, international studies, history, public policy, public administration or public health, are invited to apply.

“The fellowships support and encourage scholarship into historical areas and scientific fields vital to understanding the nature of politics and the advancement of research,” said Evan Laine, faculty director of the Arlen Specter Center at Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University). “Senator Specter’s incredibly prolific and varied career offers the potential fellow many opportunities to produce important and influential papers.”

The fellows will use the Arlen Specter Collection at Jefferson and the University of Pittsburgh, which contains Specter’s extensive papers, audiovisuals, photographs and memorabilia documenting his 30-year senatorial career. The research must result in a publication, which furthers knowledge and understanding of a legislative, historical or policy issue. At least a portion of the research and publication should originate from the Arlen Specter Collection.

Past fellowship recipients have used the archives to explore issues ranging from the politics of congressional appropriations to senatorial preparation for Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

The application deadline is Dec. 17, 2018. Visit here for more information, including application materials, fellowship requirements, resources and more.

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