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Arlen Specter Center Fellowships Highlight Senator’s Legacy

The University has announced two $5,000 fellowships for the purpose of aiding a scholar in the pursuit of research in an area supported by the Arlen Specter Center for Public Service. “The fellowships ensure that Specter’s legacy of bipartisan policy-driven …

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Jefferson Researchers Receive USDA Grant to Study Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee consumption has skyrocketed, with its market growth soaring 580 percent from 2011 to 2016. Despite its popularity, scientists have published little research on the chemistry of cold brew coffee, which is made through a low-temperature, long-contact brewing …

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Jefferson and the IIA Partner on $1 Million Healthcare Innovation Competition: Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel

Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University) has partnered with the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) to offer $1 million to Israeli companies aiming to advance healthcare technology solutions, The Jerusalem Post and The Times of Israel reported. Read more on Jefferson …

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Jefferson Gets $20M to Launch First-of-Its-Kind Academic Department: Philadelphia Business Journal

Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University) has landed a $20 million grant to launch the country’s first academic department of integrative medicine, the Philadelphia Business Journal reported Feb. 20. Read more on Jefferson Today here.

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Through Health Mentors Program, Students Seek to Improve Bus Seating

For seniors and people with disabilities and chronic conditions, finding a seat on a crowded bus can be an arduous task. Able-bodied people often disregard the priority seating signage, leaving those in need out of luck. Physical therapy student Jennifer …

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Commentary: The Genius of Fashion Designer Karl Lagerfeld

Fashion designer and icon Karl Lagerfeld died Feb. 19. Sheila Connelly, director of the fashion design program at Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University), reflects on his five decades of influence in the world of high fashion and inspiration …

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Jefferson Launches Nation’s First Academic Department of Integrative Medicine

Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University) has established a Department of Integrative Medicine and Nutritional Sciences, the first of its kind in academic medicine. Housed in Jefferson’s Sidney Kimmel Medical College, the new department formalizes the teaching of integrative …

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Computational Medicine Center Director Rigoutsos Using Big Data to Understand Disease: HPC Wire

Getting the answers to what causes some people to develop diseases and not others is driving the groundbreaking medical research being conducted by the Computational Medicine Center at Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University, HPC Wire reported Feb. 14. …

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Fashion Merchandising and Management Director Discusses Maternity Clothing Marketing Trends: Philadelphia Inquirer

Nioka Wyatt, director of Jefferson’s fashion merchandising and marketing program, explained how social trends have impacted the marketing of maternity clothing in a Feb. 10 story in The Philadelphia Inquirer. For one thing, women now celebrate, rather than hide, their …

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Couple Finds Love at Sidney Kimmel Medical College: AAMC News

Sidney Kimmel Medical College graduates Elise Campbell, MD, and Brad Bennett, MD, are among the many couples who have met in medical school, AAMC News reported in the story, “A Match Made in Medical School,” just in time for Valentine’s …

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