“Shot Doc” Coach Magee Explains Kawhi Leonard’s Bouncing Buzzer-Beater: Deadspin

Jefferson Hall-of-Fame basketball coach Herb Magee, known as the Shot Doctor, explained to Deadspin the mechanics of Kawhi Leonard’s rim-bouncing buzzer-beater, which won the series for the Toronto Raptors over the Philadelphia 76ers Sunday night.

“He’s got beautiful form,” Magee said. “He shoots it with the guide hand all the time. His form doesn’t change if he’s on the move or if he’s just gearing up to take one on the dribble.” And so this shot over Embiid was just another shot for him. Magee agreed with the physicists: “The trajectory of the shot, because he had to go over [Joel] Embiid, caused the ball to go maybe a bit higher than he normally shoots, and the ball came down on a descending arc. Then it caught the rim at the perfect spot and therefore the three or four bounces before it dropped through.”

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